Barclay Downs, NC, is a large, well-to-do residential neighborhood in Charlotte, in the state of North Carolina. It’s particularly known for its classic 1950s and ‘60s homes lining leafy streets and the Carolina’s largest mall, SouthPark Mall, located on Sharon Road. This neighborhood used to be part of a huge farm owned by former North Carolina Governor Cameron Morrison way back when, and now it’s quite built up with both residential and commercial properties. Even though the area has modernized, there are still properties with septic systems in Barclay Downs and surrounding communities.

Septic System Services

Septic Tank Systems Are Common in Barclay Downs

Before sewer systems became the norm for cities, wastewater ended up in septic tanks on people’s properties. Indeed, the more rural the area, the more likely people still have septic systems, since they’re not connected to a municipal sewer system.

Though Barclay Downs is a built-up area, not everyone is joined up to the sewer, so there’s still a need for septic tank systems to deal with wastewater from the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, etc.

Septic Tank Services in Barclay Downs

If you live in Barclay Downs and notice your drains aren’t draining as they normally would, and it “stinks,” or you notice a foul smell outside, coming from the area where a septic tank is buried, you might have issues that need some professional intervention.

In Barclay Downs, you can call Carolina Septic Pro to handle septic system installation and septic tank maintenance services, as well as septic tank cleaning and septic system repair work.

You might need a septic tank inspection done or perhaps it’s time for our septic tank pumping service to clean out your tank.

Please call us at 980.500.1022 for fast, reliable and affordable services. Carolina Septic Pro is proud to serve the good people of Barclay Downs, NC.