There is simply no substitute for a working septic system. Though it won’t add curb appeal and isn’t trendy, your septic system is one of the most important features of your home. Without a working septic system, you cannot use the bathroom, sink, laundry, dishwasher or almost any room in your home. The facilities that you need and use every day in your home simply won’t work. Worse, a dysfunctional septic system can cause your yard to pond with murky water, or cause sewage backups in your home. Carolina Septic Pro provides septic services in Cabarrus County to keep your entire septic system working properly from the sinks, toilets, tub, laundry and dishwasher in your home to the septic tank to the drain field. If you require a new system, experienced septic tank installation contractors can install the right system for your home. If your current system requires maintenance, Carolina Septic Pro will provide septic repair and septic tank pumping to keep your system in top working order. If you are not sure about the status of your septic system, a septic tank inspection will show if there are damages and will also show if the tank should be pumped, or when it should be pumped again.

Though the septic system is buried and may be out of sight, it should not be always out of mind. The septic system works automatically, but, as with every part of your home, it requires maintenance from time to time. The best type of maintenance for your septic system is regular septic tank pumping. Septic tank pumping is an easy and relatively inexpensive service that only takes a few hours, but will drastically increase the longevity of your tank. When your septic tank is pumped, it removes the layers of solid waste the build up in the bottom of the tank over time. While the septic system is built to filter water and then release it back to the ground once it is cleaned, inevitably solids will build up in the tank. Microbes in the tank will break down the solids as the system filters the water, but a layer of grease and scum will still slowly build up at the bottom of the tank. Pumping the tank will remove this layer of solid waste and allow the tank to filter its full volume in water. Removing this layer of solids will also remove objects which could potentially clog the tank. The tank is not designed to break down heavy paper, plastics and some food waste and these items may rise to the top of the tank and subsequently clog the drain field. Septic tank pumping from Carolina Septic Pro will remove these items from the tank.

Though the tank is buried, it can still be damaged. Like any system, the tank and attached components are susceptible to weathering. Metal and concrete tanks are more susceptible than plastic tanks, though plastic tanks may also crack more easily. Often, homeowners don’t notice or even see the things damaging their buried septic tank, such as tree roots. Even a slow process like shifting soil can damage the tank and cause the tank to detach from its components. Often, homeowners damage their septic tanks themselves without realizing by using chemical drain cleaners, bleach and other harmful chemicals or a garbage disposal unit in the kitchen. A drain field may also be damaged by heavy objects, such as cars or trucks parked over the drain field or driving over it. Carolina Septic Pro provides professional septic repairs and maintenance to fix these damages, replace cracked or broken parts or reinstall parts of the septic system if needed. If you need emergency services to take care of big septic problems fast, Carolina Septic Pro will provide you with fast, effective emergency services at any time. There is no good time for your septic system to stop working, but if your yard is flooding, if toilets are backing up or drains aren’t working, you need help right away. Carolina Septic Pro will send an expert to find the problem with the septic system and give you a quick and reliable fix.

Entrust one of your most vital systems to local experts. Carolina Septic Pro will bring the tools, equipment and expertise required for a full inspection, cleaning or any repairs. If you need a new tank, Carolina Septic Pro will make sure that the tank is put in correctly the first time, so you don’t have to worry about problems down the line. Don’t let septic system failures become major problems in your home. Call to get your tank cleaned and prevent the tank from filling or flooding or call for an inspection to get a full assessment of the system. If you suspect there is a problem with your septic system, call right away to schedule an inspection. Carolina Septic Pro will pinpoint damages, stop them from getting worse and stop bigger problems from happening. Make an appointment or call today for more information on septic services anywhere in Cabarrus County.