Wesley Chapel, NC, is a growing village in Union County in the great state of North Carolina, home to about 9,500 people. It’s one of the best places to live in North Carolina, offering residents a rural feel with nice amenities. Many people who live in Wesley Chapel work in downtown Charlotte, about a 40 minute commute.

In Wesley Chapel, most residents own their homes. They like the area for many reasons, including the highly rated public schools, a diverse economy, an educated population and several entertainment options. No wonder it’s a growing area!

Septic System Services

Professional Septic Inspections, Repairs and Installations in Wesley Chapel

Since Wesley Chapel is a more historically “rural” place, that means you’re apt to find septic tanks on several area properties. That’s the way wastewater is treated for many people living and working in Wesley Chapel, NC. If and when septic systems have a problem, such as broken pipes or an “overflow,” then there’s the need for a professional company to come take a look and make septic system repairs. After all, no one wants to live in a house that stinks.

Carolina Septic Pro not only makes septic tank repairs, but can also handle septic tank maintenance services. Should you need a septic tank pumping service or septic tank cleaning done, who can you call? The answer is simple: Carolina Septic Pro! Our number is 980.500.1022 and we’re happy to serve customers in beautiful Wesley Chapel, NC.

If and when you’ve got some dirty work for Carolina Septic Pro to do, call and schedule an appointment. We’re fast, reliable and affordable.