Stallings, NC, is a suburban town in Union and Mecklenburg counties in the great state of North Carolina, home to some 14,000 people. Stallings is about a half hour’s drive southeast of downtown Charlotte. And there are plenty of homes and businesses with septic systems in Stallings.

Septic System Services

Signs of Septic Tank Issues

Septic systems are wastewater treatment structures buried underground. They’re often found in rural areas (or areas that used to be rural) where homes aren’t connected to a municipal sewer system to get rid of waste. Septic tanks treat wastewater produced by bathrooms, kitchen drains, laundry units, etc.

Sometimes septic tanks require attention when they get too full or have an issue such as clogs in attached pipes. When you notice your drains aren’t draining well, or bad odors are coming from your drains, you might have a septic system issue that needs professional attention.

Septic Tank Services in Stallings, NC

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Carolina Septic Pro deals with septic system installation and septic tank maintenance services, as well as septic tank cleaning and septic system repair work. If your septic tank is full, our pumping service will clean it out. We’re fast, reliable and affordable. It’s a dirty job and someone has to do it– let us do it for you!

Has it been a while since you’ve had your septic tank checked? Do you need it pumped out? Call Carolina Septic Pro for septic tank pumping and other services in Stallings, NC– the number is 980.500.1022