Your septic system plays an extremely important role within your home. Although you probably don’t think about it often, it’s responsible for doing everything from filtering your wastewater to preventing possible flooding. That’s why it is crucial to call in the professionals at Carolina Septic Pro in Matthews, NC at the first sign of trouble. If you notice that your toilets aren’t flushing as normal, water is pooling on your property or that your drains are backing up in any way, get in touch with us right away to have your septic system serviced and repaired.

Preventing Issues with Septic Tank Pumping

Although situations arise where repair services are necessary, regular maintenance can help to minimize the risk of costly problems creeping up. For example, septic tank pumping is something that should be done every few years, depending on a few different factors:

  • Size and design of the tank
  • Number of household residents
  • Amount of wastewater
  • Volume of solid waste in the system

Over the years, build-up can form inside the tank and stop wastewater from flowing freely. When this happens, it can send wastewater back into a home and make it impossible for homeowners to do some a number of daily tasks, such as run the kitchen sink, take a shower, or even do a load of laundry. Carolina Septic Pro can step in when this happens to provide immediate septic tank pumping and repair services.

Carolina Septic Pro can also handle several other septic system services in Matthews, NC, such as septic tank installations, inspections, and preventative maintenance.

When you take the time to proactively maintain the condition of your septic system and have it serviced regularly, you’ll help to minimize the number of potential issues and ultimately extend its lifespan. You may also avoid having to make costly repairs down the road, should an emergency situation arise.

Contact Carolina Septic Pro today at 980-500-1022 to schedule any one of our septic tank services. You’ll quickly discover how we’ve earned the 2018 HomeAdvisor Best of the Best designation.