Spring Valley, SC, is a beautiful place to live near the SC-NC border, located just east of Rock Hill and Route 77. It has custom-built homes spread over 1200 acres of rolling hills, many of which border the

Spring Valley Country Club or one of eight lakes. For those who live in Spring Valley and commute to work in Charlotte, NC, it’s about a 45-minute commute.

Considered a neighborhood of Rock Hill, SC, Spring Valley features many reasonably priced mid-sized homes in a well-established community that’s growing. Since the area has a bit of a rural feel, there are still plenty of homes and businesses with septic systems in Spring Valley.

Septic System Services

What to Do When You Have Septic Issues

With septic systems, sometimes clogs occur leading to “back-ups” where you’ll smell foul odors coming from the drains in your kitchen and bathroom. Meanwhile, it might start to “stink” outside where the septic tank is buried. When this happens, who can you call to come take a look? In Spring Valley, SC, Carolina Septic Pro is the company to call for quality septic tank services.

Carolina Septic Pro Is Here to Help

Whether it’s septic maintenance, repairs, septic tank cleaning or new septic tank installation, Carolina Septic Pro can do the dirty work for you. Our popular septic tank pumping service can clean out your tank fast, reliably and affordably. If you’re worried about your septic system, have us inspect it.

Has it been a while since you’ve had your septic tank checked? Call Carolina Septic Pro for septic tank inspections in Spring Valley, SC; Our number is 850-500-1022– make an appointment today.