Lake Park, NC, is a beautiful, scenic village in Union County in the great state of North Carolina, home to some 3,900 people and covering more than 500 acres of land. It’s about 15 miles from downtown Charlotte, and people love living here. Known as a charming village and home to a landmark chiming clock tower, you’ll find traditional single-family homes, patio homes, condos and townhomes in Lake Park. You’ll also notice monuments, gazebos and tree-lined sidewalks– it’s really an ideal place to live, work or play!

Septic System Services

Is My Septic System Acting Up?

Like in most areas of North Carolina, some homes and businesses have septic systems in Lake Park in order to deal with their wastewater. And sometimes septic systems have “issues.” If you notice strange smells coming from your bathtub drain, kitchen drain and/or laundry water basin, you might have some clogs in your septic system that are “backing it up.” Yikes!

Septic Services in Lake Park, NC

Need septic services? Call Carolina Septic Pro for helpful and professional septic tank services in Lake Park, NC. Whether it’s septic system installation, septic tank maintenance services, septic tank cleaning or septic system repair work, Carolina Septic Pro can do the dirty jobs for you. We work quickly, reliably and, best of all, we’re affordable.

Want someone to inspect your septic system and check it to see how it’s doing? Maybe it’s time it got pumped out.

In Lake Park, NC, when you need septic work done, call the pros at Carolina Septic Pro. Our number is 980.500.1022 and we’re here to help!