Riverview, SC, is located in York County, southwest of Fort Mill along the Catawba River, and home to some 2,500 people. It’s about a 40-minute drive to downtown Charlotte, NC, from Riverview. In Riverview, the schools are highly rated, most people own their own homes and residents like the suburban rural “mix and feel” of the place.

It’s home to both young families and retirees. Several people who live in Riverview commute to work in Charlotte, and Riverview is actually considered a suburb of that city, even though it’s in another state!

Now in communities where you’ve got a mix of older and newer homes you’re bound to have some properties that utilize septic systems to treat wastewater. This is true for Riverview, SC.

Septic System Services

Septic Tank Services in Riverview, SC

Septic tanks are buried underground and they’re where wastewater drains when it leaves your kitchen sink, bathroom tub, laundry wash basin, etc. Sometimes septic systems have problems, such as clogs, broken pipes, etc. Who is going to figure out what’s wrong with a septic system? In Riverview, SC, you can call the professionals at Carolina Septic Pro to come perform a professional septic tank inspection. Furthermore, the pros can do septic repairs, septic maintenance, and new septic tank installations if needed.

So, if you need septic services in Riverview, SC, you can call Carolina Septic Pro at 980-500-1022. We’re here to meet your needs, doing the dirty work you don’t want to do and shouldn’t have to do– leave the septic system work to us!