Fort Mill, SC, is a town in York County in the state of South Carolina, home to about 22,300 people and many notable businesses. For a time, it was known as the site of Heritage USA, televangelist Jim Bakker’s Christian now defunct theme park.

Meanwhile, Fort Mill is also known for its many peach orchards and the Anne Springs Close Greenway, a beloved 2,300-acre nature preserve. People who live in Fort Mill, SC, might commute to their jobs in Charlotte, NC, about a half hour drive to the north. Fort Mill is considered a suburb of Charlotte, even though it’s in another state.

Septic System Services

What Septic Issues Mean For Your Property

Fort Mill is a mix of older and newer properties, such that there are homes and businesses with septic systems still around. Septic tanks are particularly popular in rural communities where there’s no access to a municipal sewer system. Wastewater is treated by septic systems, and even though most people never have to think much about them, once in a while there’s cause for concern. For instance, if you notice drains moving slower than they usually do or water pooling in the yard where your septic tank is located, it might be time for a septic system inspection.

It’s a dirty job working with septic tanks– thankfully Carolina Septic Pro can do that dirty work for you. Maybe you need septic tank repair services? Or perhaps you want septic tank cleaning done, such as the septic tank pumping service that’s ever popular?

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