From showers to clean clothes to clean dishes to kitchen drains to working toilets, everything is connected to your septic system. You use your septic system every day and the pipes, tank and drain field almost never rest, yet this system is one of the most reliable systems in your home. You don’t have to turn your septic system on or off and you don’t have to worry about it stopping. To keep this essential system performing at optimal levels and to keep your home comfortable, your septic system requires only short list of preventative maintenance measures or, if there are damages, inspections and repairs can get the system up and running again. Carolina Septic Pro provides all of the septic services needed to keep your system working right. With just a few scheduled appointments every five to ten years, you can keep your septic system functioning properly and you can make sure that cracks, breaks, holes, clogs and other problems don’t disrupt your septic system or your home. Carolina Septic Pro provides new septic tank installation, septic maintenance, septic repairs, septic pumping and other essential septic services in the Lake Norma area for all types of septic systems.

Septic pumping is the most important service for your septic system. All septic systems require septic pumping after a certain amount of time. Many new families move in to a new home and aren’t sure when the septic tank was last pumped. They let the septic tank fill up for a number of years, not realizing that it was close to full to begin with. Other homeowners move in and they don’t realize that there is a problem with the septic tank. Some septic tanks are not installed properly and they flood during rains or snowmelts, other tanks are simply old and erosion has caused cracks or holes. Rainwater may leak through the cracks and exacerbate the damage while filling up the tank faster, causing flooding. When you move into a new home and you are not sure about the condition of the septic tank, it is best to schedule an inspection as soon as you can. Carolina Septic Pro will assess the condition of the tank and find any damages, determine if it should be pumped, and if the tank is suitable for your home. If there are damages, Carolina Septic Pro can give you the best solution for repairs and if the septic tank was not installed properly, the professional installers can give you a reliable, cost-efficient new system.

If you are building a new home in the Lake Norman area, make sure that your septic system is properly installed. Carolina Septic Pro installs new systems for all types of homes, with state-of-the-art designs that are built to last. Septic systems that are not installed properly will not function properly and it is important that your septic system is installed by experienced professionals. There are a variety of rules and regulations that must be followed when installing a septic system and improper installation will not only cause the system not to filter water properly, but can cause serious damage to the groundwater. If a septic system is installed too close to property lines, streams, wells, trees and other features across the yard, it will violate ordinances and it may cause harm to the surrounding environment. Carolina Septic Pro will obtain the correct permits to ensure that your septic system follows all rules and regulations, and will also situation the septic tank and drain field at optimal locations on your property. Your septic tank and drain field will be installed so it is safe, works properly and won’t be damaged by trees or other objects.

Carolina Septic Pro conducts septic maintenance, septic tank repair services, septic tank cleaning and septic tank installation with honest and professionalism. If your septic system is causing sewage backup or flooding around your yard or in your home, Carolina Septic Pro will send an repair technician to your home immediately to uncover the root of the problem and fix it. A flooded septic system is not something you can sit and deal with, and Carolina Septic Pro understands the need for speedy service and urgency when you can’t use your drains, laundry or toilet. If your system does require repairs, Carolina Septic Pro will give you an honest assessment of the damages and an accurate estimate for the price of repairs. If you do not require a new septic system and your tank, drain field or components can simply be repaired, Carolina Septic Pro will conduct repairs at an affordable price.

Residents of the Lake Norman area rely on Carolina Septic Pro not only for speedy service and years of experience, but also professionalism, honesty and integrity. Call today to install a new septic system for your home or schedule an septic tank inspection or septic tank cleaning. If you need service right away, call anytime for 24/7 emergency support.

Carolina Septic Pro provides septic services in the following cities in the Lake Norman area: Brookford NC, Catawba NC, Claremont NC, Conover NC, Hickory NC, Lake Norman of Catawba CDP, Longview NC, Maiden NC, Mountain View NC, Newton, and Saint Stephens NC.