With proper maintenance and service, septic systems can last for decades.

Like any system in your home, the best way to ensure it is in good condition and to keep it working properly is with regular maintenance.

Carolina Septic Pro provides a wide array of septic services, including septic tanking pumping and cleaning, to keep your septic system clean and working correctly.

Regular septic tank pumping and cleaning is a relatively quick and affordable service and it is the best thing you can do for your septic system. Regular septic pumping or cleaning will ensure solids do not build up in the tank and cause it to flood, while also showing the condition of the septic tank and ensuring that it does not fill too fast or that it is not leaking.

Cleaning will also prevent clogs in inlets, outlets or drain fields, which will prevent backups through the tank and pipes. This will also show if there is a problem with the tank, such as missing or broken septic tank baffles, clogs or excessive solids build-up. Regular septic tank pumping is the best way to prevent problems with the tank and keep the septic system operating normally, also preventing the need for expensive repairs.

Your home septic system is designed to safely and automatically filter wastewater and allow it to reenter the ground once it is cleaned.

This includes black water, the wastewater from toilets, and gray water, the wastewater from sinks, tubs and laundry. The septic system is designed to filter all wastewater that flows through it.

  • The size of the tank determines how much water can flow through the tank at one time, and also the amount of solid waste which can build up in the tank.

The septic tank is an organic environment with microbes that will break down the majority of solid waste, but some will be left behind. The microbes are also not suited to break down some items, such as some paper products, plastics, grease and chemicals. That is why it is not recommended to use bleach or drain cleaner when you have a septic tank, as these chemicals will damage the internal environment of the tank.

It is also not recommended to flush or put non-biodegradable solids down drains. Inevitably, a layer of solid waste will build up in the tank and this is when the tank should be pumped.

Many homeowners are not sure when they should have their septic tank pumped out.

This is dependent on several factors and, to prevent flooding and clogs, it is best to have the tank pumped out more frequently, rather than dealing with septic system problems later on.

  • The size of your tank, the tank design, and the number of occupants in the home or workplace regularly using the system will all impact the solids level of the tank.
  • You want to make sure your tank is regularly cleaned, but you also want to make sure you get the most out of each cleaning.
  • Some companies recommend pumping the tank every year or every two years.Others recommend pumping the tank any time there is a lot of guests in the building.
  • For some tanks and some homes, this may be accurate. For others, you may be pumping a mostly empty tank, or the tank may be full by this time!

Just like every home is different, every septic system is also different. The number of occupants using the tank and the size of the home will reduce the amount of time in between pumping. A larger tank, however, will take longer to fill, so it does not have to be pumped as often.

For example, a 1000 gallon tank used by a family of four should be pumped about every two years. A 1500 gallon tank used by the same family could be pumped every four years.

Another extra 500 gallons would add about another two years on to a safe time between cleanings. However, if another person is added the tank will fill a bit faster and it will require pumping sooner.

Many homeowners are not sure about the size of their tank or how long the tank can go between cleanings. Carolina Septic Pro can give you an accurate and cost-effective estimate for the time between cleanings.

Other factors can also influence the timetables between septic tank cleanings.

A garbage disposal is not recommended for homes with septic tanks, as this increases the amount of solid waste entering the tank and can cause clogs. If your home uses a garbage disposal in the sink, getting the tank cleaned more often will prevent clogs.

If you have just moved in to a new home and you are not sure when the septic system was last pumped or when it should be pumped, Carolina Septic Pro can give you an accurate estimate.

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