If something goes wrong with your septic tank, it can seem like a disaster. With toilets not flushing, drains not working, sinks not working, laundry not working, it’s easy to lose your cool. Your septic system is perhaps the most important system in your home and when it doesn’t work, it can be almost impossible to live in your home. If toilets are backing up, drains aren’t working or water is pooling around your yard, you don’t have to sit and suffer. Carolina Septic Pro provides septic services in Gaston County to fix septic systems problems of all types. There are no problems too large or too small for Carolina Septic Pro to solve. Whether you need regular septic tank pumping, a septic tank inspection to find a problem or emergency septic services, Carolina Septic Pro can help. Carolina Septic Pro are local septic tank installers and one of the area’s most trusted and most reliable septic tank pumping companies in the area. Customers in Gaston County rely on Carolina Septic Pro for honest assessments, reliable repairs and fast, courteous service in any situation.

Septic systems rely on simple yet essential functions to filter wastewater. If parts of the system are damaged or if the system is not installed correctly, the entire septic system can fail. If the system is not properly maintained, this can also cause severe problems. Homeowners that regularly service their septic systems can prevent these problems and increase the longevity of the septic system. When the system is properly serviced and properly installed, it can last for decades and may never cause a problem. Carolina Septic Pro makes it easy to regularly service the tank, schedule an inspection or schedule repairs, so you don’t have to worry about septic problems.  If something does go wrong and you need assistance right away, Carolina Septic Pro provides emergency septic repairs and inspections to find the problem fast and fix it. Carolina Septic Pro is a local company and can provide you with fast, efficient services when you need them most. If your toilets are backing up, drains aren’t working or there is flooding on or around your home, don’t panic. Call the experts and a repair technician will come to your home quickly and handle the problem.

Regular septic pumping is the most important preventative service you can arrange to keep your septic system working properly. The type of system that you have, the volume of the tank and the number of occupants in your home will all determine how often your tank should be emptied. Larger tank will hold more wastewater and require less pumping, but more occupants in your home will increase the volume of water moving through the tank and will require pumping more often. Septic tank pumping keeps solids from building up in the tank. As solids accumulate in the bottom of the tank, this prevents waste water from filtering through effectively. The less water that is allowed to move through the tank, the easier it will be for the tank to fill and then cause pipes to flood. Pumping the tank will prevent the build-up of solids. Pumping the tank will also remove solids that could potentially clog the tank. Septic tanks are not designed to deal with solid waste such as trash, though solid waste sometimes makes its way through drains into the septic system. Solid waste can clog the baffles which bring water through the tank. Clogged baffles will stop the tank from functioning and will cause wastewater to backup into pipes and eventually into the home. Carolina Septic Pro can inspect the tank to find the problem and will remove the clog.

If a clog, erosion or other problems have damaged your tank, Carolina Septic Pro can find where the problem originates and fix it. Water soaking into the soil around the tank can cause the earth to shift, which will also shift the tank, which will in turn cause it to detach from connecting pipes. Tree roots growing towards the tank can also cause damages. If damages have occurred in the tank, it can cause rainwater to drop into the tank and cause it to fill too fast. It can also cause wastewater to leak out of the tank, which can contaminate the ground water. Since most homes with septic tanks get their drinking water from a well, contaminated ground water can be a serious problem. If there is damage to the tank, Carolina Septic Pro will find it and fix it.

Make sure that your septic system is safe for your family, your surroundings and your home. If plumbing in your home is not working the way that it should and you think there might be a problem with your septic system, schedule an appointment with the experts. Contact Carolina Septic Pro today to schedule septic repairs, septic pumping or new septic installation in Gaston County.

Carolina Septic Pro provides septic services to the following cities in Gaston County: Belmont NC, Bessemer City NC, Cherryville NC, Cramerton NC, Dallas NC, Dellview NC, Gastonia NC, High Shoals NC, Kings Mountain NC, Lowell NC, McAdenville NC, Mount Holly NC, Ranlo NC, Spencer Mountain NC, Stanley NC.