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Septic Tank Inspections in Charlotte

If you have just moved in to a new building or you are considering moving into a new building and you are not sure about the condition of the septic tank, an inspection will tell you about its condition. Experts at Carolina Septic Pro will carefully inspect all areas of your tank to not only show its condition but also ascertain when it should be pumped. A quality septic inspection will increase the longevity of your tank and prevent any problems with the septic system from becoming problems with your home or business.

A septic system inspection includes the septic tank, drain field, inlets, outlets and all attachments. While it is important that the septic tank is undamaged and operating normally, the attached components and systems are just as important. The inspection will show if any parts of the system are damaged, and it will also show if the system was installed properly. If the septic tank or drain field are not buried deep enough, if they are not big enough to support the wastewater volume from the home, or they were not installed to properly drain and filter through, this can cause problems at a later date. Extreme rainfalls or snowmelts can affect the function of these tanks and tanks that are too small will not function properly with large homes with many occupants. Your inspector can provide you with solutions to these problems and changes that will prevent flooding or backups.

One of the most common reasons behind a septic tank inspection are suspected problems. If water will not drain in sinks, bathtubs or laundry cycles, or toilets are not flushing properly, a septic system problem may be to blame. When a septic system is full or flooded, it is difficult for water to go into the tank, causing slow draining. If a drain field is saturated, it can also inhibit the flow of water. If the problem is serious, the wastewater can back up through the pipes and through sink drains, toilets and other connections, causing flooding to occur in the home or business. There are a few damages and other factors which may cause the tank or drain field to flood, besides the tank being full. If there is a crack in the tank, this will allow rainwater and runoff into the tank, causing it to fill faster than normal, especially during heavy rainfalls or snowfalls. Cracks or damages in inlets or outlets may also allow access water. This can also occur from the drain field end. If the soil around the drain field becomes saturated, or parts of the drain field are damaged, this will cause water to drain slower and will result in slower filtering through the septic system. If the drain field and the septic tank are not built to handle the amount of water volume running through them, this will also cause the system to flood, as the filtering occurs slower than the filling. Buildings that have been expanded may suffer from this problem, or this may occur if there are more occupants using the septic system than usual. If you are noticing flooding or slow draining around your home or business, an inspection will show what the problem is and how it can be fixed. If the septic system is a part of the problem, Carolina Septic Pro will give you a clear and concise explanation, and also give you options for getting the problem fixed. With years of experience, Carolina Septic Pro’s expert can find any problem and can give you a straight-forward solution. Often, simple repairs, emptying the tank or cleaning the tank can take care of the problem.

Finally, the inspection will also show if the tank is full or when it should be emptied. If you have just moved in to a new home, a tank inspection will show you what condition the tank is in and when it should be emptied. Many homeowners are not sure when the tank was last pumped and when it should be pumped again. If a tank does become full, it can cause serious problems and a simple inspection will show what level the tank is at, if there are any clogs or damages, and also how much capacity the tank has. Before renovating your home or putting additions on, you should make sure that the septic system can adequately filter more water, especially if another bathroom, kitchen or laundry space is being added.

Whatever type of septic system you have, Carolina Septic Pro will give you an accurate, honest assessment. You will be immediately aware of any damages or inadequacies and you can fix the problems before they causing flooding in your home or yard, backup toilets or block up drains. Call today to schedule a septic inspection for your home or business.