Newport, SC, is located in York County in South Carolina, and home to about 4,200 people. Even though Newport is located in South Carolina, it’s considered a suburb of Charlotte, NC, to the north. If you were to drive from Newport to downtown Charlotte, it’s about a 45 minute drive.

People like living in Newport because it’s a nice place with a rural feel, where most residents own their homes and schools are above average. No wonder, then, that many families and young professionals live in Newport, SC. They enjoy nearby amenities like the Museum of York County, Cherry Park, Ebenezer Park, etc.

Septic System Services

Septic Issues in Newport, SC

Since Newport has a rural heritage, you can bet that several properties still use septic systems to treat their wastewater in the area. And septic systems aren’t perfect. Sometimes they have problems that need professional attention from a company like Carolina Septic Pro.

If you think you need a septic tank inspection, septic tank repair work done or septic tank pumping service performed, call Carolina Septic Pro and make an appointment to get the dirty work done.

Contact Carolina Septic Pro For All Your Septic Needs

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