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Nash Kraft
Nash Kraft
Excellent customer service and the utmost professionalism! Would 100 percent recommend these guys to anyone !
Taylor Hamms
Taylor Hamms
These guys are great! Vinny and Sara came out on time, dug the tank out, and were pumping in less than a half hour. They talked me through the process and made sure my system was working properly. Would highly recommend!
Samantha Page
Samantha Page
Vinny & Sarah were great! They were on time and very informative on what to avoid going into my septic. They explained how it works since this is my first home. Will be using them again!!
Alice Zoch
Alice Zoch
Vinny and Sara did a awesome job, was very polite. Fully recommend for someone else.
Susan Schmitt
Susan Schmitt
Vinny and Sara did a great job on helping us with our septic tank issues! We appreciate their help!
Brandy Wagoner
Brandy Wagoner
Good driver came out when wasn’t expected very nice and professional The drivers name was Vinny
Phoenix Renamon
Phoenix Renamon
Tom and Vinny were an amazing pair! Down to earth, casual, but stayed professional and pumped our septic tank just shortly after the eclipse. And even after the main job was done, they remained punctual, wasted no time, and still had a great time connecting with them. I rarely give out 5 star ratings to anyone because I HAVE to have that “damn!” Factor. As simple as a job that pumping the septic tank was, they left us with that “damn!” Factor, and in a very good way too. Hopefully they don’t have to return to fix our tank, but they at least set up relevant expectations and said if it does come to it, they’ll happily come back out! As customer service should do it, and they did it right!
Alana Christopher
Alana Christopher
Vinny and Tom did an outstanding job, Vinny is an amazing driver. Very polite and helpful with explaining what's going on.
sha brewer
sha brewer
Excellent service! Vinny and Tom were amazing and helped a lot with a big mess we had going on. Both were very thorough and efficient in helping to figure out how to best fix the problem. They were time efficient and very friendly!


Fast Service, Fair Prices
Carolina Septic Pros really helped me out of a tough situation when one of my tenants had a septic back-up while I was on vacation. They got to the property faster than I could have expected (less than 2 hours), located the tank, pumped it, and repaired some damaged parts of my tank to ensure it would not back up again. I could not be any more thankful for their service!
– Tom ONeil

Far Exceeds Expectations
I thought I had a broken pipe between my septic tank and drain field. Gage and Jerry showed up the same day to take a look at it! Turns out it was a clogged rain gutter down spout drain that ran underground right next to my septic tank that had clogged with roots. Obviously great news. We are fairly new in this house and have never had a home with a septic tank system. Even though Gage and Jerry identified the problem early on that it was not a septic issue, they took the time to educate me on dos and don’t of maintaining a healthy system. Super professional, educated and very helpful. When it comes to this sort of thing you are at the mercy of what somebody else tells you. Very happy that I have found a go to company that I can trust should I ever have issues in the future.
– Mike Pyle

Best Septic Company!
I could not have been more impressed and pleased with this company! They were on time and very thorough. Gage and Jerry were incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and professional. They made us feel like family! And they physically showed us all of the septic parts and how things worked. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you use Carolina Septic Pro…especially if Gage and Jerry are your service people! They are the BEST!
-Emily Smith

Drain field saturated!!!!!
Jessie and Gage showed up real professional on time and explained the process of whole system and how everything thing was suppose to work.They told me how much the service was going to cost after looking at the situation.These two are hard working rednecks and represent your company at it’s finest!!!!! Lol great guys!!!
– Steve

Gage and Jerry are the best.
First I want to say that I have never worked with more professional and courteous young men than Gage and Jerry. They were willing to explain all the concerns and questions I had about the work being performed. Gage and Jerry were very helpful and attentive and went above and beyond to complete the job. I will recommend this company to all of my friends. It’s so nice to deal with people who genuinely take pride in their work and care about their customers. Good job Gage and Jerry.
– Barbara Fitton

Greatly Pleased
What a job! They had to find the tank–which was not easy. But everyone persevered: found the tank, cleaned it out, & added a riser. Gage, Joe, Eddie & Jeremiah worked tirelessly to do a thorough & difficult job. They had to overcome quite a challenge in my backyard to get to my system. (Another service might have just given up.) I would highly recommend Carolina Septic Pro. And I would definitely use them again. Everyone was extremely polite, professional & knew their job. Their performance was excellent. And Kathy, the office person to whom I spoke on the phone, was always pleasant, kept me very informed of the schedule, when to expect the truck, & if or when they were delayed (because of traffic, etc) . She was very helpful. I had an excellent experience with Carolina Septic Pro.
– Barbara B

Drain line stopped up
A +++ Don’t hesitate to give these folks a call. Total professionals . They came out on a Saturday and got us taken care of. Will use these guys for all my Septic / Drain needs.
– Mark Beaver

Great company
Jessie and Gage are amazing people and employees. They were very polite, knowledgeable and professional. Walked me through the entire process starting with my problem to resolving my problem. They even helped try and catch a snake that was on my patio. They represent your company very well and because of them and their service I will call you when needed again and will pass around your company name.
– Debbie Rogers

Jessie and Gage came an inspected a system for the property we intend to buy. I really appreciated the information about the system and their honesty. Cathy did a great job,too setting it all up. Will call again when I need you. Thank you.
– Cindy Untch

So happy
Very happy to have found this company Steve and Eddie are very friendly did an excellent job in fast time I RECOMMEND THEM TO 100% 🙂
– Ana M

Ill make this review quick and to the point. AWESOME! Steve in amazing. Very professional, polite and fast. Price was amazing and service was even better. Thank You guys!
– Daniel Chamorro

OH, That Smell!
Had horrendous sewer smell off and on for several months. Called several septic companies looking for a local services and either got no answer, had to leave a message or they were “too busy” to fit me in within a week. Carolina Septic Pro answered the phone, with a friendly voice! I explained my issue and scheduled an inspection and tank pump since we didn’t really understand what the problems were. Jessie and Steve did a fantastic job getting everything back in service. They were both courteous, professional and right on time and didn’t destroy my yard. They explained everything they were doing, why the system was doing what it was doing and found the tank was full due to a clogged filter and improper/no maintenance schedule being followed. Got us up and running in no time. No More Smell! This one’s a keeper! Thank you CSP!
– Ken K.

Septic Backup and Broken Pipe
The week before Christmas, all of the drains in my home were starting to backup. Around 11pm I called Carolina Septic Pro who made it a priority to fit me into their busy schedule. Kevin and Jerry came out first thing in the morning, diagnosed the problem and explained what needed to be done in great detail. I had an overflow and a broken pipe that needed to be replaced. I like the fact that Kevin and Jerry diagnosed the problem and fixed it in a professional and timely manner. As an insurance agent I can appreciate when a company steps up and takes care of what needs to be done with minimal hassles to their customer. I refer my clients to Carolina Septic Pro, they are the only company I’ll trust with my septic system.
– Kelly A

Breath of Fresh Air
The worst time to experience a Septic issue of course is the weekend. I called a local company that had done previous work on our system first. No answer. I looked on line and Carolina Septic Pro popped up and after reading several testimonials gave them a call. A friendly voice, I believe Kathy is her name, answered and advised when the team could come out and inspect our situation. I was informed at every step of the way from when they would arrive, to the situation at hand, what the remedy would entail and of course the price of the work to be done. All in a quick order and professional. Thank you Septic Pro! Jeremy (Jerry), Kevin and Austin you were a pleasure to do business with.
– Lynn H

Excellent Service from knowledgeable folks
I put in a few late Sunday evening calls for septic help on a long weekend. I got someone on the phone at Carolina Septic Pro and was promptly able to schedule a pump and inspection. When Kevin and Jerry came out, they discovered long existing problems and were able to explain the issues and spent several hours over the next two days fixing the problem. I really appreciate their honesty and genuine care to get it done as quickly as possible at a very reasonable cost. If you need septic pros, look no further, you found them. I would definitely recommend Carolina Septic
– Deepti

Kevin & Jerry
On December 20, both Kevin and Jerry came here to pump out septic system. We were totally impressed. They were very informative, did a great job, and we really appreciate the time they
took to explain things to us. The service was excellent. Thank you for the great service Kevin & Jerry
– Diane Wood

Awesome experience on a weekend call
I experienced a cap blowing off a pipe in my septic system (I later found out) and needed a septic company to come out on a weekend to fix the system. After two calls to other septic companies who wouldn’t come out on a weekend, Carolina Septic Pro answered my call on a Saturday and had someone right out. The guys were very professional, explained everything in detail about what happened, had great attitudes, and they repaired and cleaned the system quickly for a very reasonable price. What is best is that unlike most service companies that I have work on my house, they didn’t try to upsell me on new everything, They inspected the system, fixed the problem, gave me a thorough overview of everything and were finished. These guys are now on my preferred vendor list for services on my house.
– Dale Tweedy

Septic system problems are alarming to every homeowner and business owner. When something goes wrong, everyone wants immediate, helpful, knowledgeable service that won’t break their budget. That is what Carolina Septic Pro provides. All septic tank services, including septic tank installation, septic maintenance, septic repair, septic tank inspection and septic tank pumping are performed quickly and carefully, with your needs in mind. When things go wrong or its time to clean out the tank, residents all over the Carolinas rely on the local septic tank pumping service for fast, reliable regular maintenance and emergency repairs or inspections. Proper water flow through your home or business is essential and when it isn’t working, you can’t wait around for weeks or months. Showers, faucets, toilets and laundry all relies on a working septic system and, when it doesn’t work, everything stops. Carolina Septic Pro reacts quickly to dispatch an expert right away, so the problem doesn’t get worse and you and your family or coworkers don’t have to suffer. Septic systems problems can become serious and cause expensive damages quickly, so fast response from local experts is key.

From new system installation to septic tank pumping to difficult repairs, the experts at Carolina Septic Pro have seen just about every type of problem and situation. Businesses or apartment buildings that need high-volume septic systems rely on the Carolina’s most trusted local septic tank installers to put in a system that won’t flood, backup, crack or clog. Homeowners putting up their dream home depend on Carolina Septic Pro’s experienced septic tank installation contractors to put in a system that will work for their home and their family. With the right system installed the first time, homeowners and business owners can prevent costly problems down the line. Carolina Septic Pro knows specific septic system designs and layouts that work best with each home or business type, and specific problems that could occur with improper installation. Carolina Septic Pro’s installers will examine the soil type around the building, water table, the building layout, proximity to trees and tree roots, proximity to other buried obstructions, and other considerations before installing the system. When installing, all components will be sealed tight and connected properly, preventing leaks and damages as the system ages. Drain fields will be situated at a proper distance away from the house to prevent leakage into basements or damage to the building foundation. With the right placement, parts and design, your septic system will work smoothly for decades to come.

When big problems happen, residents rely on Carolina Septic Pro. The septic system is connected to every drain in your building and a simple clog, a damaged part or a full tank can cause wastewater flooding. If this occurs, you need experienced assistance fast. Carolina Septic Pro will get to the root of the problem quickly with a full septic tank inspection. By examining the tank itself and looking for damages, examining inlets, outlets, baffles, drain fields and other components, the technician will find where the problem is and provide you with a quick and cost-effective solution. The inspectors and repair technicians won’t upsell you on parts or services that you don’t need, or over-complicate a problem that can be solved simply. Carolina Septic Pro operates on trust and courteous service, that is why customers continue coming back for maintenance or septic pumping after repairs or installations have been conducted. With detailed knowledge of different types of septic systems, Carolina Septic Pro will not only help install the best system for the building, but can also inspect and repair any design. There is no problem too large or too small and no service that Carolina Septic Pro can’t provide.

Keep your septic system in full working order and schedule regular septic system pumping. Every septic system requires regular pumping when it gets close to full. All septic systems are only designed to handle so much volume and a full system will result in slow draining or even backups and flooding. While wastewater is filtered through the system and then returned safely to the ground, solids build up in the tank over time. This is what causes the septic system to fill. Leaky tanks or bad connections can also cause the tank to over-fill with water. If this occurs, an inspection will reveal the problem and it can be repaired before problems occur in your home or business.

If you are not sure when your tank was last pumped or if you suspect the tank may be damaged, clogged or malfunctioning, schedule an inspection. Carolina Septic Pro will examine the septic system and determine if it needs pumping or if any repairs are required. For complete septic system maintenance, septic tank pumping, septic tank cleaning and installation in your area, don’t wait another day. Call Carolina Septic Pro now to set up an appointment.