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Though you don’t see, hear it and you may even forget that it’s there, your septic system is perhaps the most important system in your home. Septic systems are essential not only for draining waste, but also vital for all plumbing in your home. The best type of septic system is one that you don’t see, hear or have to think about, but sometimes problems do occur. If you have problem with your septic system, Carolina Septic Pro provides complete septic tank services including septic system maintenance, septic inspection, septic tank pumping to get your system up and running again. Carolina Septic Pro are also septic tank installation contractors and can install a new system to replace a faulty one or fit a new home.

Though they operate out of sight and, usually, out of mind, septic systems must be carefully installed to ensure they work properly. A system that is not properly installed will quickly show and can cost homeowners thousands of dollars. Proper septic tank installation depends on a number of factors that many homeowners don’t think about when building a new home and installing drains and plumbing. The amount of rainfall and snowmelt plays a significant role in the functionality of the septic system. If the drain field attached to the septic tank is not properly installed, major rainfalls and snowmelts will cause the drain field to flood and this will cause backup in the septic tank, which in turn can cause backup into the home. The type of soil, the water table levels, proximity to trees and tree roots, proximity to basements, and a variety of other factors can all make the difference between a long-lasting, functional septic tank that you don’t have to think about and a cracked, leaky or flooded tank that causes problems. Carolina Septic Pro will carefully analyze the area and take all of these factors into account before installing the tank. The experienced technicians will make sure the area is ideal for the septic system and that every aspect of the system fits cohesively. With a tank properly installed the first time, all of your plumbing will simply work the way you need it to for years to come.

Even properly installed tanks will age over time and eventually get worn down. Pipes and attachments that keep a watertight seal can also become worn down, inviting leaking that will further damage and potentially flood the tank over time. Worse, a leaky tank will cause wastewater to leak out and contaminate the surrounding groundwater. A crack in the body of the tank simply due to weathering or shifting in the ground can cause the tank to leak into the ground or cause groundwater, rainwater or snow melts to leak into the tank. Damages to inlets, outlets, baffles, or pipe connections will also effect the functionality of the tank. Damage may also occur to a drain field, preventing water from soaking into the ground. Digging, tree roots, or even cars, trucks or other heavy objects can all cause damage to the drain field. Wherever damages have occurred to your septic system, Carolina Septic Pro can repair them with complete septic tank maintenance. Though a small leak can cause big problems, the solutions may be easy. A septic inspection and septic repair can bring your system back to full working order and prevent even bigger problems down the road.

Sometimes you can see immediately that your septic system is not working properly. Other times, symptoms of trouble are more subtle. If you notice wet spots around your yard, especially around your septic tank or drain field, this is a sign of trouble. This generally indicates there is a leak somewhere in the system or there are backups. If you notice drains gurgling, water is draining slowly or water is backing up, this is a sign that the tank is either full, clogged or flooded and should be inspected immediately. If you spot these signs, you can usually take care of the problem before flooding happens. A flooded drain field or flooded tank will cause severe backups into your home, causing drains, toilets and showers to flood with wastewater. This problem is more difficult to deal with as it can cause extensive damage to your home. If you notice other symptoms first, you can prevent flooding.

Carolina Septic Pro provides local septic tank pumping, septic tank inspections and septic cleaning to prevent big problems. With regular inspections and maintenance, your septic tank will continue to perform at optimal levels with no trouble. Getting your tank regularly pumped is one of the best and easiest ways to prevent a problem. Septic systems are designed to be pumped and cleaned regularly and problems are almost guaranteed if the maintenance is neglected. To get your septic system cleaned, pumped, repaired or to properly install a new system, call Carolina Septic Pro today.