Have Your Septic System Checked Before Rainy Season

opening the septic tankSpring can be rainy! Before the rainy season comes, make sure your septic tank is working properly. Carolina Septic Pro can check your septic tank; please call us at 980-500-1022. 

How do you know if your septic tank is having issues? Listen for a gurgling or bubbling sound from your toilet. Also, look for standing water in your shower/tub, which means water isn’t draining as it should. You might have a blockage in your pipes. 

Springtime rains can be heavy, and guess what can happen… the soil around your septic tank can cause your tank to flood! When rains soak the soil, this limits the tank’s drain field ability to release liquid into the soil– which, instead, builds up to a dangerous level in the tank.  Keep in mind that the tank holds waste which normally gets separated into sludge, scum and effluent (liquid). The liquid is supposed to end up in the drain field soil, but heavy rains can mess this process up. 

You would think that a flooded tank should be pumped. But that is not the case. Instead, it’s best to reduce the amount of water you’re using in your house. Don’t run the washing machines. Don’t flush the toilets for a while. Basically, you need to give your drain field time to dry. 

What you don’t want to happen is stuff from your septic tank “backing up” into your kitchen sink, your bathroom sink, or your shower/bathtub. Can you imagine the gross smell? 

How can you prevent your septic tank from flooding? If possible, limit water use during heavy rains. Don’t dig or work around the tank area during flood conditions. Don’t drive your car on the tank/drain field area, either, or park there. Keep trees (and their roots) away from the area as well. And, most importantly, have a company like Carolina Septic Pro inspect and/or pump your tank on a regular basis, rather than waiting until “it’s too late” and you’re stuck with a mess on your hands (both literally and figuratively)!