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Keep These Things in Mind When Choosing a Septic Tank Company

Septic tanks are used to filter, trap and treat wastewater for over 20 million American households. In the Carolinas, especially in the more rural areas, many households have septic tanks buried underground next to their homes. When they flush the toilet or brush their teeth or take a shower, the wastewater runs through pipes into… Read more »

What Happens When a Septic Tank Gets Cleaned?

A septic tank has a hose in it and is being cleaned out.

Where does all your wastewater go? When you flush the toilet or take a shower or even wash the dishes in the sink, that water either goes out of the house and into a public sewer system, or else it goes into a septic tank buried on your property. Septic tanks get cleaned, usually by… Read more »

Leach Fields Vs. Septic Tanks

septic tank in a rural area

How much do you know about septic systems? If you’re like most people, you know very little. But, you’re here reading this, so it’s time to learn about septic systems so you’ve got more knowledge. Septic Systems With septic systems, there are septic tanks and leach fields. When water from your house leaves the house,… Read more »

Septic Tank Myths to Ignore

At Carolina Septic Pro, we hear all sorts of stories from customers,  and some repeat certain septic system myths that are untrue. So what are some of those myths? Tanks Take Care of Themselves For starters, some people assume septic tanks take care of themselves such that they never have to pay any attention to… Read more »