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Do You Need to Winterize Your Septic System?

Man working on septic tank on property with frosted grass

In the Carolinas, the temperature can dip below freezing sometimes in the winter. Though most winter days are in the 40s, 50s or 60s, there can be some in the 30s or even 20s. If you live on a property in the Carolinas with a septic system buried underground, should you “winterize” it? What does… Read more »

What Should You Do With an Abandoned Septic Tank?

What if you move to a property where there is an abandoned septic tank? Should you worry? Can an Abandoned Septic Tank Cause Issues? Well, abandoned septic tanks have some issues. For instance, since they are below ground, and they collect human waste and water, things can happen over time. Waste and water can actually… Read more »

What Could Cause a Septic Tank to Collapse?

Cleaning and unblocking septic system and draining pipes.

Do you have a septic tank on your North Carolina property? Could it ever collapse? Septic tanks can and do collapse and it’s usually without warning. All of the sudden, a tank just collapses. Why? Why Septic Tanks Collapse Well, septic tank systems actually include porous tanks and pipes. Excess wastewater gets distributed throughout a… Read more »

Have Your Septic System Checked Before Rainy Season

opening the septic tank

Spring can be rainy! Before the rainy season comes, make sure your septic tank is working properly. Carolina Septic Pro can check your septic tank; please call us at 980-500-1022.  How do you know if your septic tank is having issues? Listen for a gurgling or bubbling sound from your toilet. Also, look for standing… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Septic Tank Stink Up Your Property

Is your septic system producing horrible odors? If so, you might have a big problem located deep inside of your septic system. Nevertheless, you might also have a relatively routine problem that can be fixed within a matter of just minutes. Either way, it’s important to investigate the source of an odor stemming from your… Read more »

Common Issues to Septic Tanks

Septic Tank Problems

If your home relies on a septic tank system, it’s important for you to maintain it properly and fix any problems that pop up. Your septic tank is a large tank that is designed to take human waste and break it down over time, so as you can imagine, issues with your septic tank can… Read more »

Common Septic Tank Problems

Carolina Septic Pro of Cleveland, NC, does septic tank inspections, installations, maintenance, and other services. What are some common septic tank problems people experience? First, there’s tree root damage to septic tanks. As you know, tree roots can grow to the point where they’re interfering with things like your sidewalks, your foundation, and… your septic… Read more »