What Should You Do With an Abandoned Septic Tank?

Abandoned Septic Tank System in the middle of a lawn What if you move to a property where there is an abandoned septic tank? Should you worry?

Can an Abandoned Septic Tank Cause Issues?

Well, abandoned septic tanks have some issues. For instance, since they are below ground, and they collect human waste and water, things can happen over time. Waste and water can actually dissolve the surrounding rock which leaves a hole– and little or no support for the ground above. Guess what happens then? If you guessed that a sinkhole occurs, you’re right. When weight is applied on the ground above the abandoned tank, such as parking a heavy vehicle there, there’s a collapse– a sinkhole– that can harm both people and things. Yikes.

What about all the human waste “down there” in the ground? If an abandoned septic tank is leaking, that waste can get into nearby water which may be used for drinking– and then diseases can spread! What are some of the diseases? Tetanus, hepatitis A, cholera, dysentery, and others can spread to humans who drink dirty water.

Then there’s the issue of toxic gases in abandoned septic tanks. There could be a lot of methane and hydrogen sulfide that leaks out of the ground/into the air. These gases could ignite, starting a fire, if someone is careless with a cigarette butt. Or, if people breathe them in, those gases could make them sick.

How would you know you’ve got an abandoned septic tank on a property? If a certain section of grass smells bad, or a certain patch of grass is always soggy, those are indicators. Also, if you see unstable or sinking ground, or you notice unexpected pipes coming out of the ground, those are also indicators that there’s a septic tank and it may need some professional attention.

Carolina Septic Pro can empty and dispose of abandoned septic tanks. The hole can then be filled in with dirt.  For more information, call Carolina Septic Pro at 980-500-1022.