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Should You Buy a Home With a Septic System?

A home with a septic system in backyard

If you live in a city, your house is most likely connected to a public sewer line that transports wastewater away from your place. If you live in the country, however, there’s a good chance you’ve got a property that has a septic tank buried near the house, and that’s where your wastewater goes. If… Read more »

Is My Septic Tank Getting too Old?

Septic take professional lifting hatch of an old septic tank to see how worn down it is

If you have a septic tank on your property, it might be getting too old and you might want to replace it. Many homeowners just assume the septic tank will last forever, or at least until they move away or pass away, but the truth is that septic tanks, like most things, aren’t designed to… Read more »

Do You Need to Winterize Your Septic System?

Man working on septic tank on property with frosted grass

In the Carolinas, the temperature can dip below freezing sometimes in the winter. Though most winter days are in the 40s, 50s or 60s, there can be some in the 30s or even 20s. If you live on a property in the Carolinas with a septic system buried underground, should you “winterize” it? What does… Read more »

What You May Not Know About Your Septic Tank

Not all septic systems are the same– that’s because the design and size of septic systems varies due to several factors. Some of these factors include soil type, lot size, local weather conditions and local regulations. Watertight Tanks Most homes that utilize septic systems have a septic tank buried in their yard. This tank is… Read more »

Septic Systems Versus Public Sewers

How much do you know about septic systems versus public sewers? Both deal with wastewater. The major difference between the two is that septic systems deal with wastewater on site while public sewers take the wastewater far away to a treatment plant somewhere in your municipality. Sewers If you live “out in the country, far… Read more »

Keep These Things Out of Your Septic Tank

Emptying household septic tank. Cleaning sludge from septic system.

You’d be surprised at the things found in a septic tank. Or maybe you wouldn’t. These days, strange things are happening everywhere, and that includes the odd things put into septic tanks that don’t belong there. It all comes down to this: what goes down your drains… Ideally, it should just be fecal matter, urine,… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Septic Tank for Colder Temperatures

Man working on septic tank on property with frosted grass

Do you have a septic tank that drains waste on your property? Winter is coming, and there are some things you can do to help prepare it for the colder temperatures associated with the chilly season. Professional Inspection First, consider having your septic tank professionally inspected by Carolina Septic Pro. This way you’ll know exactly… Read more »

How to Find Out How Much Water Your Septic Tank Can Handle

How can you best determine how much water your septic tank can handle? Well, how much water you and the other people in the house use on a daily basis can help determine the answer to that question. Wastewater When water moves into a drain in your house, then it’s considered wastewater. It has to… Read more »

Signs Your Septic System Needs to Be Emptied

Emptying household septic tank

Many homes are connected to municipal sewer systems to take their waste away. In some areas, however, homes utilize individual on-property septic systems to get rid of their waste. Eventually, septic systems get full. How would you know it’s time to get your septic system emptied? There are certain signs you’ll notice. Pooling Water First,… Read more »

How to Keep Your Septic System in Tiptop Shape

Worker cleaning and unblocking septic tank in a client's backyard.

If you have a septic system, what are some tips for keeping it in top shape? Professional Inspection For starters, when’s the last time you had your septic system inspected by a professional? If you’re like most people, “It has been years!” It’s something people don’t think much about, but, that said, it’s still important…. Read more »