Is My Septic Tank Getting too Old?

Septic take professional lifting hatch of an old septic tank to see how worn down it isIf you have a septic tank on your property, it might be getting too old and you might want to replace it. Many homeowners just assume the septic tank will last forever, or at least until they move away or pass away, but the truth is that septic tanks, like most things, aren’t designed to last forever. In fact, most steel septic tanks can corrode and/or weaken after about 15 years. So yes, you might have an old tank, even if it’s just 15-years-old.

How Older Septic Tanks Deteriorate

Steel septic tanks can rust and when that happens, guess what else happens… leaks and failure. That means the junk from your toilet isn’t contained like it should be, and that “leak” can really bother neighbors as well as animals. It becomes a health hazard and a stinky one at that.

Not all septic tanks are made of steel– though many older ones are. Some tanks are made using concrete. Either way, keep in mind that acidic soil and groundwater can ultimately shorten the lifespan of a tank. Could your tank last 40 years? Perhaps. Could it start to have problems after 15 or 20 years? Sure. There are other factors at work– what about roots from nearby trees and bushes interfering with your tank or pipes? What if you have more and more people move into your house and use your bathrooms and your tank can’t handle all of that? You want to make sure the size of the tank matches your current home size because if you exceed a septic tank’s water capacity, the system can fail and solid material will make its way into your drain field.

How might you know if you have a septic “issue” or problem? If you notice bad smells coming from the septic drain field, that’s a sign. Also, inside the house if you hear gurgling noises or see slow drainage or sewage wastewater backing up in drains, toilets or sinks, you might need to call for professional help. Also, if you notice the grass is truly greener over the drain field or you see abnormal algae blooms in ponds or lakes on/near your property, that could be a problem.

If you suspect your septic tank is getting to be too old and/or you just want to see if your septic system is working well or needs maintenance or replacement, call Carolina Septic Pro at 980-500-1022.