Why Does My Septic Tank Have Such a Foul Odor?

pumping septic tanks from the backyard tank in the countrysideDo you have a septic tank on your property? If so, does it smell bad? Why might you have a foul odor coming from your septic system?

Disruption to Septic Tank Process

Normally, water flows through pipes in and out of a house in order to get to a septic tank buried underground on your property. This tank is filled with beneficial bacteria which produces enzymes to break up the waste. Carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and methane get safely discharged from the system– but you might encounter a bad smell if there’s some sort of disruption to the process. The worst smelling gas is hydrogen sulfide, by the way.

Possible Blocked Drain

In the house there could be a problem. For instance, you might have a blocked drain somewhere. Waste could be getting trapped inside a drain rather than passing through to the septic tank. You might notice an odor coming from a drain. Perhaps there’s a broken seal or connection somewhere around a pipe in your home. A stench could be coming from that! Check, for instance, around the wax seal of your toilets. Meanwhile, your septic tank could be full, so your waste has nowhere to go. If so, the tank needs to be pumped out.

Impeded Septic Vents

Outside of the house you might smell something funky. It could be that you’ve got a blocked septic vent. Maybe it’s covered by something and that something isn’t allowing gas to escape as intended. Or maybe you’ve got a blocked drainage field– the leach drain might need to be fixed. Also, consider that maybe the septic tank cover is not sealed properly.

If and when you smell something “bad” that seems to be coming from your drain, pipes or outside around the septic tank, it’s best to call Carolina Septic Pro and have a professional check to see what’s going on. Please call 980-500-1022 to set up an appointment for a visit.