What Could Cause a Septic Tank to Collapse?

Cleaning and unblocking septic system and draining pipes.Do you have a septic tank on your North Carolina property? Could it ever collapse?

Septic tanks can and do collapse and it’s usually without warning. All of the sudden, a tank just collapses. Why?

Why Septic Tanks Collapse

Well, septic tank systems actually include porous tanks and pipes. Excess wastewater gets distributed throughout a drain field. When new water enters a tank, the water already contained gets displaced. In addition to this, a septic tank produces gases and includes traps to contain those gases within the tank. If and when a tank collapses, those hazardous gases and wastewater(s) can cause problems for a homeowner.

So why do some septic tanks collapse and cause headaches for their owners? One main reason is because there’s too much above-ground pressure. For example, if you park a heavy truck over the ground where your septic tank or drain field is located, that weight can cause your tank’s cover to crack. Holes can happen, too, such that gases escape. Another reason tanks collapse can be their age. Just like with anything, materials wear down after so many years, and need to be replaced. If your tank’s really old and hasn’t been maintained or replaced, it could collapse due to old age. One more reason tanks collapse could be tree root interference.

In order to keep your septic tank in decent shape, control your water usage and make sure you have the right sized tank for your household. Avoid putting chemicals and grease down your drains.

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