What Regular Maintenance Will Do For Your Septic System

Cleaning and unblocking septic system and draining pipes.Where does your excretive waste go? If you’re not connected to a municipal sewer system, it probably goes into a septic tank on your property. Some people never maintain or pump out their septic system. Then when they go to sell the house/property, they’re saddled with a big bill to deal with a septic system that needs major repair or replacement! But you are not “some people.” You care about your place and want to maintain it. And even though you don’t see the septic system, you know it’s there and needs to be doing its job or else there’ll be “issues.” You want to avoid issues, right?

Regular Septic Maintenance is Good For Your Home, Health and Environment

Regular maintenance of your septic system helps your home, your health and the environment. Having a professional check your system every six months or yearly can help save headaches. For instance, what if your system has a clog? Piping gets obstructed and then there are leaks and bad odors outside your house. Open your windows one day and suddenly the inside of your house smells like an unflushed toilet. Yikes!

If your septic system isn’t maintained and it ends up clogging or breaking, then you’ve got “hazardous waste” in your soil and groundwater. Keep in mind that waste has bacteria, viruses and parasites. Do you want to breathe that in? People have been known to get respiratory illnesses thanks to septic tank issues.

By now you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t want to pay to have my septic system checked every six months– that’s too often.” Okay. The EPA recommends an inspection every 3 years minimum. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? A professional can assess how your system is operating– and in the Carolinas, the number to call is 980-500-1022; call Carolina Septic Pro. With over 3,000 satisfied customers in Charlotte, NC, and beyond, Carolina Septic Pro knows how to maintain septic systems well.