Keep These Things in Mind When Choosing a Septic Tank Company

Workers emptying a septic tank at a residential property Septic tanks are used to filter, trap and treat wastewater for over 20 million American households. In the Carolinas, especially in the more rural areas, many households have septic tanks buried underground next to their homes. When they flush the toilet or brush their teeth or take a shower, the wastewater runs through pipes into the buried tank. Eventually, the tank should be cleaned, usually once every couple of years.

While most homeowners don’t think about their septic tank unless there’s a major problem, such as gross, stinky wastewater coming up into their sink, it’s best to connect with a septic tank company and schedule routine cleanings every 3 to 5 years so you can rest assured things are going well with your wastewater disposal.

When searching for a septic tank company to connect with, what are some things to ask about when interviewing potential companies?

Work Experience

First, ask about work experience. Find out how long they’ve been doing what they do. Have they been in business for decades and established a solid reputation with locals? Or are they brand new? If you know a little about your tank, when you mention the type of tank you have, do they seem to know what they’re talking about or do they not sound confident about working on “that type of tank?”

Environmental Plan

Next, ask about the company’s environmental values and see if they align with yours. For instance, after they pump out your tank having cleaned it, where do they take that stuff and what do they do with it? Are they environmentally responsible? When they work, do they try to take good care of the environment?

Licensing and Insurance

Thirdly, ask about licensing and insurance. You want to make sure they’re in compliance when it comes to formalities like local permits and legal documents. Make sure they’re doing their job legally and legitimately.


Finally, ask about what services they can provide you with, along with pricing to see if their services fit in your budget. You can also look for online reviews to see what others have thought about the companies you’re checking out.

In the Carolinas, call Carolina Septic Pro and ask about septic tank clean-outs and services. The number is 980-500-1022.