Common Issues to Septic Tanks

Septic Tank ProblemsIf your home relies on a septic tank system, it’s important for you to maintain it properly and fix any problems that pop up. Your septic tank is a large tank that is designed to take human waste and break it down over time, so as you can imagine, issues with your septic tank can create a huge mess and result in hundreds and even thousands of dollars’ worth of damage if you don’t correct them. There are several common septic tank issues homeowners should keep an eye on if they use a septic tank system. Check them out below.

Too much water located in the septic tank

Septic tanks are only designed to hold a certain amount of water in them at any one time. So if those living in your home use too much water on a regular basis, your septic tank will fill up with too much water over time, which will make it difficult for the tank to break down waste. You can correct this issue by using low flow shower heads, running your washer less, and making a commitment to using less water overall. But you will likely need the help of a septic tank company if your tank is currently overfilled with water.

Non-biodegradable items located in the septic tank

Human waste, water, and toilet paper are the only things that should end up in your septic tank. If you get into the habit of flushing items like paper towels, tampons, cigarette butts, and more into the tank, it will eventually fill up with these items and struggle to break down the biodegradable items that are placed into it. You should avoid flushing anything other than waste, water, and toilet paper down your toilets at all costs.

Harsh chemicals located in the septic tank

In addition to keeping non-biodegradable items out of your septic tank system, you should also avoid flushing chemicals like cleaners, paint thinners, solvents, and more down your home’s drains. When these chemicals end up in your septic tank, they can kill the bacteria that is used to break down waste. They can also pollute the soil surrounding your septic system.

Your home’s septic tank system is going to need to be maintained over the years in order for it to continue working properly. You should get into the habit of working closely with a trusted septic tank company to keep your system running as efficiently as possible. Carolina Septic Pro offers superior septic tank services to those who need them. Call us at 704-626-6622 today to hear about the services we have to offer.