Septic Tank Myths to Ignore

cleaning and unblocking septic system At Carolina Septic Pro, we hear all sorts of stories from customers,  and some repeat certain septic system myths that are untrue. So what are some of those myths?

Tanks Take Care of Themselves

For starters, some people assume septic tanks take care of themselves such that they never have to pay any attention to them– ever. That’s not the case, though… Most septic systems need attention every 3 to 4 years, when a professional comes and pumps them out.

You Can Flush All Sorts of Things Down the Drain

Next, there’s the myth that you can just flush anything down your drains. That’s not true! There are plenty of things you should never dispose of using your various sink drains. For instance, did you know that drain cleaners, disinfectants and solvents shouldn’t go down the drain? They end up getting rid of microbes that digest sewage– exactly what you don’t want! Relatedly, some people think additives will reduce the need for pumping out a system. That’s untrue, too. Well-balanced tanks don’t need any additives. Additives may or may not work– and it’s best you avoid them all together.

You Can Build a Temporary Structure

How about the myth that you can build something over your septic tank “as long as it’s not permanent.” You should never build anything over your tank or drain field unless you want to wreck your system. Eventually your system will need servicing and that’s hard to do if something else is built on top of it! Meanwhile, the drain field requires a good amount of oxygen– you don’t want to block that.

The Life Span of Septic Tanks

Some people say, “Well, septic tanks must be replaced every 20 years.” If a system is pumped every few years and tree roots don’t get in the way, the truth is septic tanks can last a lot longer than 20 years.

Clogged Systems

Finally, there’s the myth that a clogged system is beyond repair. That’s untrue. Clogs can be fixed, typically by a process known as jetting.

These are just some of the untrue myths associated with septic tanks. If you have any questions, please call Carolina Septic Pro at 980-500-1022.