Reasons to Have Your Septic System Inspected

Carolina Septic Pro does septic system inspections. What are some reasons to have your septic system inspected?

Any time you move into a new building you should have its septic system inspected to find out its current condition. Carolina Septic Pro, for instance, can figure out if it needs to be pumped sooner or later. It’s better to know the condition of a building’s septic system on a regular basis than not– and by having it inspected every couple years, problems can be prevented and the longevity of the tank increases.

It’s also a good idea to have an inspection done before renovating your home or putting additions on to find out if the current system can handle filtering more water. Indeed, if you’re adding another bathroom, kitchen or laundry space, chances are you might need a bigger tank or an additional tank.

A septic system has many components that need inspection, including the tank, drain field, inlets, outlets and attachments. Inspectors look to see if any vital parts are clogged or damaged.

Did you know that fecal sludge accumulates in your septic tank over time? It’s disgusting– yes– and needs to be pumped out periodically. Thus, it behooves you to have your system inspected every couple years (or as needed) to ensure you don’t get that fecal sludge “backing up” into your home or building. Inspectors agree that the amount of sludge should account for less than one-third of your tank’s overall volume.

An inspection is a good way to find out how quickly your tank is filling and whether or not it’s able to keep up with the demands put on it. A tank that serves two people well may not be the right tank if more people move into a home, using its toilets, tubs, etc.

Inspectors will look for traces of liquid waste near the surface of the ground to help determine if a septic tank is overwhelmed. Obviously, you don’t want wastewater mixing with groundwater for health reasons.

Finally, clogs, leaks and old age can cause expensive problems. So, it’s better to have the septic system inspected every couple years than to forget about it until it causes a most foul problem for you.

Consider having your septic system inspected this year. Carolina Septic Pro, of Cleveland, NC, can be reached at 704-626-6622.