Do I need a New Septic Tank?

New Septic Tank Installations If you’re currently experiencing problems with the septic tank that’s attached to your home, you might be able to have the issues fixed. Most septic tanks are designed to last for upwards of 40 years, so if your septic tank is younger than that, septic tank repair might be your best bet. However, there are some signs that’ll let you know you need to invest in a new septic tank, no matter how old it might be. Here are 3 signs that it could be time to install a new septic tank.

Standing water surrounding your septic tank

Is there a lot of standing water surrounding the area of your septic tank almost all the time? Or is the soil in your drain field area damp more often than not? This could be an indication that your septic tank has failed on you. It’s a good idea to hire septic professionals to come take a look at it right away to see why you have so much standing water near your home; the sooner the problem is rectified the better.

Terrible odors filling the inside and outside of your home

When your septic tank fails on you, it’ll usually release a bunch of gases that are produced during the decomposition process in your tank. These gases will make both the inside and the outside of your home smell awful. Most people describe the odor produced by the gases as smelling like rotten eggs. It’ll be impossible for you to ignore this odor and go about your day.

Plumbing backups that just won’t go away

Are the sinks throughout your home all draining very slowly? Do your toilets get backed up a lot or make gurgling sounds when you flush them? Are there other plumbing fixtures that are giving you and your family fits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your septic tank could be to blame. It’ll need to be inspected as soon as possible to prevent avoid plumbing backups in the future.

If you learn that you do, in fact, need a new septic tank installed, Carolina Septic Pro can handle septic tank installation for you; we have preformed septic tank installations for home and business owners in the Charlotte, NC area. Call us at 980-500-1022 today to schedule an installation or to have someone come out to your home for a septic tank inspection.