Is It Time to Replace My Septic System?

septic system installationIs it almost time to replace your septic system? While most systems will last many years, any septic tank that’s buried in the ground will eventually deteriorate. Environmental factors, coupled with construction materials and how much care/maintenance is given to a tank will all help determine the lifespan of a septic system.

Septic System Type

Do you know if you have a steel tank or a concrete one? Steel tanks tend to need replacing after about 20 years, while concrete tanks can go for 40 years or more before replacement. That said, if the wastewater in an area is acidic, the concrete tank may need to be replaced sooner than later. Also, keep in mind that leach fields may last for 50 years (or more) but eventually it’s time to pick a new area for your drain field.

Proper Ventilation

Though you aren’t underground with your tank, you can imagine a lot is happening down there… For instance, bacteria is breaking down solid waste in the tank. This produces hydrogen sulfide gas. When this mixes with water vapors you get sulfuric acid which can eat away at a concrete tank over time. Make sure your tank is properly vented so you decrease the risk of sulfuric acid formation.

Septic System Replacements

So how do you really know when it’s time to replace your septic tank system? If you notice crumbly concrete and/or rust colored streaks, there’s a structural problem. If solid waste levels exceed one-third of the depth of the tank, there’s an issue. And if there’s a thick layer of sludge, you probably need a replacement.

Not sure what to look for, exactly, or how to tell if your tank is past its prime? Have Carolina Septic Pro of Concord, NC, professionally inspect your current tank. Call 980-500-1022 to schedule an appointment or email