The Benefits of Having a Septic System on Your Property

Septic TanksDid you know that more than one in five U.S. households use septic systems to treat their wastewater? Septic systems treat wastewater from household plumbing fixtures like the shower, toilets, and laundry washing machines. They do so using both natural and technological processes beginning with solids settling in a septic tank and ending with wastewater treatment in the soil thanks to the drain field.

Do you have a septic system on your property? Many North Carolinians do. What are some of the benefits of having one?

They Rarely Leak

Septic systems don’t flow through a sewer system. Therefore, they rarely, if ever, leak. Sewer lines, on the other hand, often leak, and this contaminates groundwater. Septic systems are a natural filtration system; They’re more environmentally-friendly, helping a property reduce its amount of pollution.

They’re Economical

Instead of having new pipes installed on the property and being connected to an oftentimes expensive public sewer system, a septic system is an economical choice that can save a household quite a bit of money over time. It’s essentially a cost-effective plumbing solution– it only needs pumping every three to five years, so it can save people money on their plumbing maintenance bills. Septic systems should be cleaned and inspected every couple years to ensure they’re working as intended without any issues.

Easy to Diagnose Issues

If there is an issue with a septic system, it’s fairly easy to diagnose the problem and fix it on-site. Most systems, though, don’t have problems. And they tend to last quite a long time, with some lasting 40 years or so!

Have you just moved into a new place and have no idea how its septic system is doing? Or have you been in the same house for quite some years but just never even thought about your septic system? Want your septic system pumped, cleaned and/or inspected? Call Carolina Septic Pro of Concord, North Carolina, at 980-500-1022. Carolina Septic Pro also can install a new system on your property if you need it.