What Happens When You Don’t Pump Your Septic System?

Man Pumping Out Septic TankDoes your property have a septic system? Many properties in and around Concord, NC, do. What happens when you don’t pump it out? Well, eventually it won’t function properly and you’ll have “issues.”

Septic systems are designed to process waste from your household whereas there’s a tank holding wastewater underground. That wastewater is treated using mechanical methods. It’s safe for the environment, so that’s a good thing. Septic systems are used in areas where there aren’t sewer systems, so you’ll usually find them in the more rural areas of a state.

Septic Tank Pumping Services Create More Room for Water Waste

Every now and then, septic tanks should be “pumped out” in order to make room for more water waste. A professional company like Carolina Septic Pro of Concord, NC, can bring their truck and hoses and such to your property and pump out your tank.

If you don’t pump out your tank, your property might start stinking like “sewage,” to put it politely. If your house starts to stink, or your yard has a bad odor, your septic system might need some professional attention. What else can happen? Well, drains in your house won’t drain like they should– they become slow or don’t work at all. Water (and/or sewage) backs up in the house. Water can even get contaminated with sewage for your household and your neighbors’ homes. And the area where the tank is buried outside/the drain field? That can become “swampy.” You might notice standing water where it wouldn’t normally be.

Tanks eventually need to be emptied, aka “pumped out.” It’s recommended that you get your septic tank pumped at least once every three years.

In Concord, NC, call Carolina Septic Pro to do the job; Call 980-500-1022 to schedule an appointment. Free estimates are available.