Where are the Best Places to Install a Septic Tank?

Installation of new septic tank on residential property What are the best places to install a septic tank on your property? Well, keep in mind that septic tanks take wastewater from your house and help “get rid of it.” A typical tank involves bacteria digesting organic matter as well as separating solid waste from water. Then, wastewater leaves the tank, discharging into a “drain field,” also known as a “leach field,” where pollutants in the wastewater are removed.

Low Elevation

Ideally a septic tank should be located in a low elevation area since gravity can be used to push wastewater to the leach field. Otherwise, you might have to invest in a lift station or pump to push the wastewater toward the leach field.

Unused Areas

Septic tanks and leach fields should be in unused areas of your property. So, basically “open land” that’s not used for anything else would be ideal. Therefore, pick a spot where you wouldn’t park your car or truck on the lawn, as well as a place where you wouldn’t plant a garden or bushes or trees (whose roots could interfere with everything). Since there can sometimes be smells associated with the leach field, the further from the house the better.

Direct Correlation With the Number of People in Your Home

Consider the size of your tank and leach field. How many people are using the house and its plumbing, such as sinks, tubs and toilets? “Bigger is better” if you have, say, 5 people or more in the house. You don’t want to overload the system, so keep that in mind, especially if you’re starting fresh with a new tank or field. Of course, you can have a company like Carolina Septic Pro pump the tank regularly to help manage it well.

Do you have any specific questions on where to locate your septic tank or leach field on your particular property? Call Carolina Septic Pro for professional advice and help: 980-500-1022.