Signs Your Septic System Needs to Be Emptied

Emptying household septic tankMany homes are connected to municipal sewer systems to take their waste away. In some areas, however, homes utilize individual on-property septic systems to get rid of their waste. Eventually, septic systems get full. How would you know it’s time to get your septic system emptied? There are certain signs you’ll notice.

Pooling Water

First, if you see pooling water on your lawn in or around the drain field of your septic system, and it’s not just there because of a heavy rain, that could indicate your septic system is full, overflowing, and needs to be emptied.

Slow Systems

Next, if you’re running your faucet in the bathroom or kitchen and water doesn’t seem to be draining as quickly as it used to, and you can rule out a clog, then your system might be full. You might also notice “slow flushing” toilets.

Foul Odors

Thirdly, there could be odors! If you go out into your yard and you’re standing near the drain field and it smells really bad, your septic system might need to be emptied. If smelly water/stuff is coming up out of your drains, especially in the basement, there’s an issue that needs to be dealt with, for sure.

Too Much Green

Finally, if you look at your lawn and there’s a part that seems too lush and too green, that could indicate your septic system is leaking and/or needs to be emptied.

Carolina Septic System Can Help

Carolina Septic Pro offers several septic services, including septic tank pumping and cleaning in order to keep your septic system clean and working correctly. With proper care, septic systems can last for decades. When’s the last time you had yours emptied? If you have questions or would like a free estimate, fill out this online form: You can also call Carolina Septic Pro at 980-500-1022. Carolina Septic Pro is located in Concord, NC, and serves several North Carolina counties.