What Does a Septic Tank Inspection Cover?

Septic Tank InspectionsAre you getting ready to buy a home that has a septic tank attached to it? Or has it been awhile now since the last time you checked out the condition of the septic tank attached to your current home? Either way, you should strongly consider having a septic tank inspection done. Here are some of the things that’ll take place when a septic specialist shows up to conduct your inspection.

Remove the septic tank cover and take a look at the water level.

One of the first things that a septic tank company will do when you schedule a septic tank inspection is remove the cover from your septic tank. This will allow them to sneak a peek at how much water you have in your tank. If there is too much water in it, it could illustrate that your septic tank isn’t draining the way it should. If there’s not enough water, it could show the water from your home isn’t draining into your septic tank. There is a lot an inspector can learn simply by looking at the water level in your septic tank.

Check to see that water is flowing from a home into a septic tank properly.

In addition to looking at the current water level in a septic tank at the start of an inspection, a septic tank inspector will also run the water inside of a home and make sure that it’s working its way down into a septic tank like it should. They might even use a special dye in the water so that they can see how much water is being introduced into your septic tank when flushing a toilet or using a sink. At the same time, they’ll also watch how your septic tank reacts to the introduction of new water. It’s important for water to drain from the tank as water from your home enters it.

Evaluate the condition of the drain field.

A septic tank inspector will do more than just look at your tank during your inspection. They will also check out your drain field to make sure there aren’t any obvious issues with it. They’ll keep an eye out for any backflow from your septic system’s absorption area as well. This will give them a complete overview of how effectively your septic system is working and allow them to make recommendations as far as what you can do to make it work better.

If you would like to have a septic tank inspection done, Carolina Septic Pro can get the job done for you. We offer comprehensive septic tank inspection services and use the latest camera technology to carry them out. Call us at 980-500-1022 today to set up a septic tank inspection.