Septic Systems Versus Public Sewers

How much do you know about septic systems versus public sewers? Both deal with wastewater. The major difference between the two is that septic systems deal with wastewater on site while public sewers take the wastewater far away to a treatment plant somewhere in your municipality. Sewers If you live “out in the country, far… Read more »

Keep These Things Out of Your Septic Tank

You’d be surprised at the things found in a septic tank. Or maybe you wouldn’t. These days, strange things are happening everywhere, and that includes the odd things put into septic tanks that don’t belong there. It all comes down to this: what goes down your drains… Ideally, it should just be fecal matter, urine,… Read more »

Here’s What You Should Know About Buying a Home With a Septic Tank

Are you thinking of buying a North Carolina home with a septic tank? What should you know ahead of time? Septic System Process Septic systems involve a system of pipes taking wastewater from your home’s toilets, washing machine, sinks, showers, etc., and depositing that water into a giant underground tank where heavy solids settle at… Read more »

Where are the Best Places to Install a Septic Tank?

What are the best places to install a septic tank on your property? Well, keep in mind that septic tanks take wastewater from your house and help “get rid of it.” A typical tank involves bacteria digesting organic matter as well as separating solid waste from water. Then, wastewater leaves the tank, discharging into a… Read more »

What Should You Do With an Abandoned Septic Tank?

What if you move to a property where there is an abandoned septic tank? Should you worry? Can an Abandoned Septic Tank Cause Issues? Well, abandoned septic tanks have some issues. For instance, since they are below ground, and they collect human waste and water, things can happen over time. Waste and water can actually… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Septic Tank for Colder Temperatures

Do you have a septic tank that drains waste on your property? Winter is coming, and there are some things you can do to help prepare it for the colder temperatures associated with the chilly season. Professional Inspection First, consider having your septic tank professionally inspected by Carolina Septic Pro. This way you’ll know exactly… Read more »

Signs Your Septic System Needs to Be Emptied

Many homes are connected to municipal sewer systems to take their waste away. In some areas, however, homes utilize individual on-property septic systems to get rid of their waste. Eventually, septic systems get full. How would you know it’s time to get your septic system emptied? There are certain signs you’ll notice. Pooling Water First,… Read more »

The Benefits of Having a Septic System on Your Property

Did you know that more than one in five U.S. households use septic systems to treat their wastewater? Septic systems treat wastewater from household plumbing fixtures like the shower, toilets, and laundry washing machines. They do so using both natural and technological processes beginning with solids settling in a septic tank and ending with wastewater… Read more »

What Could Cause a Septic Tank to Collapse?

Do you have a septic tank on your North Carolina property? Could it ever collapse? Septic tanks can and do collapse and it’s usually without warning. All of the sudden, a tank just collapses. Why? Why Septic Tanks Collapse Well, septic tank systems actually include porous tanks and pipes. Excess wastewater gets distributed throughout a… Read more »